Spiking a Volleyball

One of the most fundamental, yet very vital skills to learn in a volleyball is to know and learn how to spike a volleyball. A spike, at times called as attack, is the art of hitting the ball above the net, usually at a downward angle, in such a manner that is virtually not possible to return. This can be a frustrating move if done very well since it will usually end with the ball hitting the court in between the opposing teams. In addition, you will have a blind speed as well as power behind it, denoting that even though blocked or hit by the opposing team, the ball will still definitely fly. 

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On the whole, spiking is normally done in front of the row players, the ones who are closest to the net. As a matter of fact, if the ball is inside the 10 feet line, that is called as the line set 10 feet at the back of the net, and the front row players are the only ones who are permitted to spike it. And while the ball has a chance to be spiked behind the 10 feet line by the people in the back row, this can be a hard move to accomplish, and this can lack some precision as well as speed to those who are close to the net. And knowing how to rightfully spike a ball would involve knowing two vital steps, the approach and the attack.

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The idea of the method is to position the entire body in the most remarkable position so as to obtain momentum and speed in hitting the ball. On the whole, the spiker would hit the ball by means of jumping off of both feet after doing a number of steps going to the ball. The major part of the approach is the last two steps that will lead to the jump. These last two steps are the most vital steps to concentrate on when you practice the spiker, although the spiker can actually take as many as four steps. The very first step is actually done with the hand the spiker will use. For instance, the first two steps is begun with the left foot if the hitter is left-handed. And when taking advantage of either 3 or 4 step techniques, keep in mind that the second to the last step must always be on that certain foot.